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Go On an Adventure

with Our Kangaroo Island 4WD Tours


Explore a beautifully preserved part of our country the way you want. KI Hire A Guide provides a unique opportunity to choose your own path across this glorious part of Australia with our reasonable prices for 1 day tours. Our day trips are flexible in structure and length, giving you all the time you need to see what you want to see. 


Over 155km long, this little path of South Australia demands more a one day tour from Adelaide visitors. Stay a couple of nights or even longer and acquaint yourself with the local wildlife. Take in the sheer natural beauty of the island, and maybe even meet some of the friendlier fauna like the Glossy Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus Lathami) and the famous echidna (Tachyglossus Aculeatus), or venture out at night on our penguin tours and meet some different faces.


Stay a long while or just a little bit

with our One Day Tours from Adelaide


At Seal Bay Conservation Park you will have the privilege of entering into one of the most important sea lion colonies of Neophoca Cinerea; most of which are fast asleep on their protected beach.


Along the North Coast, you can take your pick and go on a discovery of one of the many beaches. While in summer, you can make a quick stop-over and take a dip in their crystal clear waters. And if you want to go that extra mile, you can even book a Marine Tour that will take you to some of the most unspoilt bays the only way possible by boat and for those who dare you will be rewarded with a swim amongst numerous wild dolphins that rest in the coastal waters, all for highly competitive prices.


At night, we can venture out on one of our famous penguin tours. Richly populated with little, but amusing, Fairy Penguins returning to their nesting places to feed their chicks after a long day hunting at sea.


To finish off the day you can choose from a variety of accommodation types, including a friendly bed and breakfast or a comfortable hotel to spend the rest of the night peacefully.




With our innovative  'Hop-On' option, you drive yourself, directing your own day trip from Adelaide, while our tour guide helps you make the most of your chosen route, pointing out the wonders of the island.


Lunch and National Park's fees are not included in this package’s price.

**National Park's fees are available at a discounted price.


If you decide to "hop" on one of our 4WD vehicles, our experienced guide/driver will lead your group to explore Kangaroo Island. 


You can choose the Seal Bay Tour and the Flinders Chase Tour, and if you have only time to spare for a one day trip, you can choose the Best of KI 4WD Tour and visit both.


See a less-common side of the island with this three-hour trip into our own local nightlife.


With luck, you’ll spot kangaroos grazing in open grasslands and small wallabies hiding in the shrubs and undergrowth of the island.


If you don't want to share the tour with other passengers and you want the lot, you can book a private day tour.

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