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Luca Lovison



Kangaroo Island Hire A Guide and Nocturnal Tours is owned and operated by Luca Lovison, who moved to the island from Italy.


Luca has been working in the local nature and wildlife tourist sector for over 25 years, and his experience is the result of the co-operation with the island's major tourism agencies and National Parks.


KI Hire A Guide is committed to hosting customised tours in English and Italian to enable both local and international visitors to discover and appreciate the natural beauty of Kangaroo Island.


* Please enquire about the availability of this tour during your booking.




4WD Tours - Includes full itineraries that allow you to discover the most interesting places to see on the island, with the option of staying the night in your choice of the local accommodation.

Nocturnal Tours - Explore the local nightlife! The only way to see the island's local Fairy Penguins is at night.

And for those of you who would rather explore Kangaroo Island in the comfort of your own vehicle, we can arrange a more personalised service with our "hop-on guide", whose knowledge of the island will lead you to your chosen destinations at your own leisure. Choose your own adventure!




Over the years, KI Hire A Guide has successfully offered their touring services to thousands of tourists from both Australia and overseas.


Their unique and customised itineraries allow visitors to discover the island their own way. See the unique Australian eco-systems such as: unspoilt, prisitine beaches; lush bush lands with an abundance of native flora; native animals such as, sea lions, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, echidnas, goannas and an endless array of native bird life.


KI Hire A Guide's Tour Guides have been professionally trained in nature conservation, providing a skilled approach under certification so visitors are able to visit protected areas in the National Parks.



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