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Kangaroo Island 
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Kangaroo Island Hire a Guide

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Food and wine tour Kangaroo Island South Australia
tours kangaroo island
tours kangaroo island Australia
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Brush Tailed Possum
Kangaroo Island Wild Male Kangaroo

Tours of Australia’s Amazing Wildlife on Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island is a pristine part of the country and is perfect for a quick getaway. KI Hire a Guide offers people Australia and world-wide the chance to explore a stunning part of our state

Get to know the local wildlife, swim in crystal-clear water, or simply drive around beautiful beaches and native bush with our day and night tours of Kangaroo Island.

With competitive prices and flexible itineraries, we offer an experience unlike any other. Our tour packages give you the freedom you need to create your own island escape to exactly your specifications. 

Whether you want to drive and simply take suggestions from our guide on our fun and flexible hop on tours or want the experience of a fully guided night tour, we have you covered. 




While only 155km long, Kangaroo Island tours offers a huge number of experiences for visitors to sample at both night and day. What you see, what you do, and where you go changes with the time of day and the seasons, but you’ll never be disappointed by what our island offers up to those eager enough to seek it out.


We proudly offer some of the best programs on the island at competitive prices. Our extensive range is entirely the result of our extensive experience and our close co-operation with the local major tourism agencies and National Parks. We commit to organise customised guided tours in English and Italian to enable more people from around the world to discover and appreciate the beauties of nature.




With prices starting at AUD$110, it’s possible for anyone to get a guided tour of this beautiful Australian island during the day and night. Our 4WD Day Tours show you the real Kangaroo Island, getting you closer to nature.


For more information about our company or what our corner of the world can show you, get in touch today. Send an email to, fill in our contact form or call us directly on 0407 978 680 and we’ll give you the answers you need. You can also conveniently make a booking through our website.

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